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At Calgary Midwives Collective we are committed to providing exceptional and inclusive client-centered care in a warm and welcoming environment. We strive to be an evolving, supportive practice with great resources for midwives, pregnant people, and their families.


We agree to respect and nurture our clients as well as each other and we believe in everyone's need to grow, learn, and change at their own pace.


Most importantly, we agree to dream and to support our clients with care, love, and knowledge as they bring new lives into the world. 


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Registered Midwives in Canada are autonomous primary health care professionals. Midwifery services are fully covered by Alberta's public health system. Midwives care for low risk pregnant people and their babies from conception through to 6 weeks postpartum. The care provided by midwives is comprehensive and evidence-based. The partnership created between you and your midwife is strong, intimate and affords you the opportunity for informed choice and a client-directed pregnancy and birth.

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At Calgary Midwives Collective we are committed to providing spectacular client-centered care. We honour balance, truth, integrity, and hard work. All of us are committed to inclusivity and strive to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable in our space. You can help yourself to tea while you wait for your appointment, browse our books and birth products, or make use of our baby feeding room stocked with snacks and baby changing essentials.

We love our home in the eclectic community of Bridgeland with its plethora of locally owned shops and restaurants and its welcoming village-like vibe. Located centrally, close to downtown and the c-train, our clinic is easy to access and there is free street parking on 1st Avenue as well as in the surrounding neighbourhood. 

We are so excited to welcome you to our family!


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On your next visit, take a peek at our in-clinic products (not available online at the moment). We are always updating our offerings; making sure we have items that help you through your journey as well as after. We are here to make the experience as comfortable and beautiful as possible.


frequently  asked  questions

What is a midwife?

A midwife is a low-risk primary maternity care provider. They are specialists in normal pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care.

What is the difference between a midwife and a doula?

Midwives are primary care providers with a degree in Midwifery. They provide prenatal and postnatal care and manage labours and deliveries. Doulas are trained support people who provide emotional and physical support for their clients before, during, and after labour and delivery. They are not medical professionals and should not provide medical advice or care.

Can I have a midwife and a doctor?

If you are seeing a midwife for your prenatal care you should not also see a doctor. Should any complications arise during the course of your pregnancy that fall outside the scope of midwifery care, your midwife will consult with a physician and collaborate with them as appropriate.

Can I still have my baby in the hospital?

Yes! Midwives are the only care providers who provide choice of place of birth. We attend births in homes, at the birth center, and in the hospitals. Where you give birth is your choice. While we do maintain privileges at all of the hospitals in Calgary, midwives at the Calgary Midwives Collective work out of Rockyview General Hospital and Foothills Medical Center.

What training does a midwife have?

Midwives working in Canada have obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Midwifery (or equivalent degree). A Bachelor’s of Midwifery is a four year, specialized program, that involves extensive practicum placements. In addition, midwives re-certify yearly in neonatal resuscitation, as well as bi-yearly in emergency skills, fetal health surveillance, and CPR.

Can I still have an epidural?

While midwives support women to achieve a natural birth with minimal or no interventions, epidurals are a tool at our disposal. We encourage clients to consider an unmedicated birth as their intention, however if in the course of labour you decide that an epidural is the right choice for you, we will always support you in that choice.

What does a midwife cost?

The cost of midwifery care is covered by your Alberta Health Care as midwives are regulated primary care health professionals within the province. Should you decide to give birth at the Arbour Birth Center, that is an out of pocket cost to you.

What if my pregnancy or birth becomes high risk?

If in your pregnancy or labour you develop complications that fall outside of the midwifery scope of care to manage, we will consult with an obstetrician and work collaboratively with them to ensure that you and your baby receive timely and safe care. We have excellent working relationships with the obstetricians in Calgary.

Is home birth safe?

Yes! Research shows that giving birth at home with a trained midwife for women who are at low risk of complications is safe for both you and your baby. If you are an existing client, go check out our home birth resources section in the clients only area of the website. If you are still considering midwifery care and curious about home birth, the Ontario Association of Midwives have some great resources and information that is applicable in Alberta as well.


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