My journey to midwifery began when I became a birth doula for a friend. She had an amazing home birth. It was then I realized I wanted to be involved in women care. Looking through my options, midwifery was the best fit for me.

I entered the Seattle Midwifery School program in 2002 where I learned extensively about home birth and birth centers. I was fortunate to learn in urban settings and rural placements including central Alberta. I also went to Vanuatu, South Pacific for 6 weeks where I learned in a very busy hospital. I graduated in 2005 and waited patiently to write the licensing exams for British Columbia in 2006. After successfully passing the exams, I worked at two different practices; one a rural setting and the other a more urban area where both home and hospital births are offered.

I practice based on the philosophy that pregnancy and childbirth are normal, natural, and powerful life changing events that work best with as little intervention as possible. I am dedicated to building respectful relationships with my clients and strive to provide care that attends to the body, mind, and spirit. It is my goal to ensure that my midwifery care is safe and satisfying for all involved.

I am now a mother to a beautiful boy born at home. Motherhood is amazing and I am looking forward to start at the Calgary Midwives Collective in the fall to help women once again to welcome their children in the world.

Anne Leblond, RM