Chandra Martini, MidwifeMy path to midwifery began while I was working on a Masters of English at UBC. I was researching representations of birthing bodies in Science Fiction and Fantasy, and in the process I discovered the history of midwifery regulation in Canada. I was so compelled by the story of birthing people and health professionals working together to make change. That was my introduction to how powerful birth and birthing communities are, and I wanted in! 

And I’m so glad to be here. My love of this work only grew with the birth of my son – in giving birth to him I discovered a stronger, more resilient and competent self. To me, that’s what midwifery is about – creating space and opportunity for a birthing experience that is powerful, sacred, and safe for the birthing person and baby. 

I received a Bachelor of Midwifery from Mount Royal University in 2019 and am delighted to be a part of the Calgary Midwives Collective.

Chandra Martini, RM