As midwives, we are dedicated to care for the woman and her newborn from the beginning of a woman’s pregnancy until 6 weeks postpartum.

Clinic Location:

Our clinic is located at the Arbour Birth Centre. 1616-20 A ST NW, Calgary, AB. Please see the contact us page for a map.

Client Intake:

Once you have submitted your intake form, we will respond with an email, either offering you an inital appointment or asking if you would like to be placed on the waitlist.

Initial Appointment:

Your first appointment will be 30 minutes  at our clinic location. This appointment is an opportunity for you to decide if midwifery care is right for you. You are not accepted into care until after this appointment. Please continue care with your current physician until both yourself and the midwives feel that this is a good fit.

Accepted into Care:

  • If you have been offered a spot on a midwifery team, you will then need to book another¬† appointment. This appointment will allow you to discuss any lab work, ultrasounds or other testing you may choose to have. All our appointments are 30 minutes.
  • All lab tests and ultrasounds that a physician would offer a pregnant woman will be offered to any midwifery client.
  • After that, your clinic visits will be monthly until 28 weeks of pregnancy.
  • From 28 weeks to 36 weeks your clinic visits will be scheduled every 2 weeks.
  • From 36 weeks onwards your clinic visits will be weekly, until you deliver.

Labour and Birth:

  • All the midwives in our practice are very comfortable caring for a woman and her family in the home, birth centre or hospital.
  • Midwives generally care for the labouring woman from active labour until about 2 hours postpartum. (Some exceptions may occur).
  • All midwives are certified in Neonatal Resusucitation, Emergency Skills and CPR.
  • All midwives carry medications, IV equipment and fetal monitoring devices to adaqutely care for the labouring woman and baby.
  • 2 attendants are available for the delivery, most often 2 midwives, however on occasion a nurse may be used in the hospital.
  • Most women are direct discharged from the hospital with their newborn, about 2 hours postpartum, unless medical complications have occured.

Postpartum Visits:

  • Midwives will visit the mom and newborn about 3 times in the first 5 days after delivery.
  • These appointments are generally in your home, however they may occur in the hospital if the woman or baby need ongoing medical attention.
  • The woman and her baby return to the clinic at 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks postpartum.
  • At the 6 week postpartum visit the woman and newborn are discharged from midwifery care and will resume care with their family physician. You medical records will be forwarded to your physician.

What we offer:

  • All labwork, ultrasounds, referrals to specialists (if needed) and prescription writing
  • Access to a midwife 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Safe, compassionate, woman centered care.